Marketplace fees

Success fees

Payment fees

Other fees

Success fees

Casual sellers

Success fees are charged on all auctions that sell for more than $1, in all Marketplace

Success fees casual sellers
Sold for $1 or less  $0 (no success fee)
Sold for more than $1 7.9% of sale price (maximum success fee = $249)

Intrade sellers

Success fees intrade sellers
Sale price and shipping cost $1 or less  $0 (no success fee)
Sale price and shipping cost more than $1 7.9% of sale price and shipping cost
(maximum success fee = $249)


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If a trade doesn't work out, you can apply for a success fee refund.

Intrade sellers may be eligible for a rebate if the sale meets certain criteria. Top Sellers can receive discounts on success fees, some promotional fees, and Ping and Afterpay fees. 

In trade international sellers also have a 0.6% fee charged on the sale price, to cover tax handling.

Auction withdrawal fee

The higher of $3 or the applicable success fee, if the item were to sell. 

Payment fees

If you sell an item using these payment methods, the following fees apply.

Pay Now and Ping

1.95% of the total purchase price, including shipping. 

Top Sellers receive a reduced fee of 1.65%.


4.95% of the total purchase price, including shipping.

Other fees

Classified listings

These categories are free to relist until sold if extended or relisted within 45 days of closing. Promotional extras and optional addons will be charged on relist or extension.

Category Listing fee Gallery Feature Feature Combo
Birds, rabbits & guinea pigs $5 $0.55 $3.45 $3.95
Dogs to buy $29 (single)
$79 (litter)
$0.55 $3.45 $3.95
Dogs to adopt Free $0.55 $3.45 $3.95
Cats to buy $19 (single)
$49 (litter)
$0.55 $3.45 $3.95
Cats to adopt Free $0.55 $3.45 $3.95
Cattle $39 $2 $12 $15
Horses & ponies $39 $0.55 $3.45 $3.95
Deer, pigs, sheep & other livestock $29 $2 $10 $15
Domain names $19 $0.55 $3.45 $3.95
Carbon credits $29 $2 $10 $15

Optional addons

Optional addons
Subtitle $0.55 ($0.15 for books and CDs)
10 day auction $0.25
Scheduled end time $0.25
Reserve fee $0.25
Second category $0.99
Exceed listing allowance $0.10 per listing

Promotional extras

Promotional extras
Gallery $0.55 ($0.25 for books and CDs)
Gallery Plus $0.65 ($0.30 for books and CDs)
Feature $3.45 ($0.75 for books and CDs)
Feature Combo $3.95 ($0.95 for books and CDs)
Super Feature Pricing varies depending on the category of listing

Businesses for sale

Listing fee

A listing fee of $149 applies for businesses for sale.

Promotional extras

Businesses for sale
Feature $49
Subtitle $4.95

No other promotional extras are available for businesses for sale.


All of our fees for Marketplace listings – including success fees, payment fees, promotional extras and optional add–ons.

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