Top Sellers

Learn more about our Top Seller programme in our professional seller guide.

Trade Me may elect to provide you with access to the Top Seller programme at its discretion. This is monitored weekly.

To automatically qualify for Top Seller status, you must: 

  1. Be 'in trade.'
  2. Have had at least 60 sold items, or have made at least $10,000 in sales over the past six weeks.
  3. Have a 98% or higher positive feedback rating.
  4. Have a sell-through rate of at least 10% over the past six weeks. Your sell-through rate is calculated by total purchases / (total purchases + total unsold listings). Sell-through rate is rounded to the nearest whole number.

Only Marketplace listings count towards your Top Seller qualification criteria. 'Car parts & accessories' and 'Business, Farming & industry' are considered Marketplace categories.

Top Seller status is re-checked automatically every six weeks. Top Seller status can't be put on hold. 

Trade Me may also provide invited clients and members with Top Seller status at its sole discretion.

Benefits and rewards 

  • Save 15% on success fees, high volume listing fees, Gallery, Feature, Feature Combo and Super Feature promotional extras.
  • Top Sellers are charged 1.65% (instead of 1.95%) of the total purchase price when receiving Pay Now or Ping payments.
  • A 'Top Seller' label that appears on their member details page, Stores page, and all general item listings.
  • Maximum success fee of $211.65 (i.e. $249 with a 15% discount).
  • The ability to add YouTube videos to listings.

Savings are automatically paid into your Trade Me account at the end of each day. You can filter these by 'Top Seller discounts'. We’ll also email you a weekly summary of your savings.

Top Seller support 

As a Top Seller, we prioritise your support requests – you can send us a message, or get in touch with us via live chat. 


How do I apply for a success fee refund, or partial success fee refund? 

If a trade hasn’t worked out – you can apply for a success fee refund. If you need to apply for a partial success fee refund, get in touch

A trade hasn’t worked out – can I refund the buyer?

If a trade doesn’t work out, and the buyer has paid with Ping, you can refund them

I’ve received feedback that I think is unfair – what can I do?

If you believe you’ve received unfair feedback, you can dispute it

A buyer has filed a dispute against a trade – what can I do? 

If a parcel goes missing, it’s your obligation as a seller to resolve this for the buyer. A refund is an easy way to resolve a non-delivery. If an item is ‘not as described’, it’s also the seller’s obligation to resolve. Depending on the situation, any issues should be resolved with a replacement, refund, or repair.



If you're a professional seller, you may be eligible for our Top Seller programme.

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