Feedback policy

Check out our feedback policy, and let us know if you have any questions.

Trade Me provides a specific feedback tool for buyers and sellers – to understand how a trade was experienced. 

Feedback is designed to guide members in their decision-making – to understand the trading history of a member, and to help Trade Me assess whether traders are meeting expectations.

Trade Me only removes feedback where it breaches the Feedback terms and conditions

Disputed feedback from buyer or seller that is over 45 days old (from date of purchase) will not be reviewed by Trade Me.

If you have concerns about feedback that has been placed you should always contact the other trader in the first instance to resolve the issue. 

We strongly encourage you to wait up to one week from purchase, before you place feedback. Particularly when you have not received the goods yet, or two weeks where the goods are coming from an international location. This gives the seller ample opportunity to resolve any issues you have experienced. 

Trade Me will not progress your feedback query until you have attempted to resolve it with the other trader first. 

To respond to issues raised in feedback, select ‘post response to this feedback’ beneath the feedback you have received. This response will appear alongside the member’s comments on your feedback page.

Only under exceptional circumstances will feedback ever be removed or edited. Feedback will remain a permanent part of your Trade Me account. 

Trade Me does not arbitrate negative feedback.

Trade Me reserves the right to remove feedback that isn’t relevant to the trade itself, or if it breaches one of the following: 

  • it contains swear words or other offensive or inappropriate content;
  • it contains defamatory statements;
  • it contains the trader's private personal information, contact details or other means to individually identify the trader;
  • the trader placing feedback has been permanently removed from Trade Me;
  • the feedback contains unfactual statements;
  • the feedback refers to any ongoing investigation by Trade Me, the police, or any other authorised party;
  • if Trade Me receives a court order to remove feedback, or where Trade Me otherwise considers it appropriate in line with Commerce Commission guidance to remove the feedback.


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