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We'll show you all the different shipping and pick-up options that can be available to buyers on Trade Me.

Book_a_courier_-_8.svgAll you need to know about the shipping and delivery options on a listing you're interested in.


Looking for shipping options for sellers? Check out Shipping & pick-up options.
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Destination & description

When you place a bid or Buy Now, you'll be asked to choose your destination and preferred service – if multiple are available.

If your delivery destination isn't available, ask the seller. Mention your delivery area, but not your actual address – anyone can see the Q&A.

Delivery timeframes

Most professional sellers show estimated delivery times.

  • Timeframes are in business days – and include picking and packing.
  • These are an estimate only.

Free shipping

  • Woohoo! It's free to ship this item nationwide.
  • For destinations within Australia, ask the seller if they can ship to you.

I'm rural – can I use 'Free shipping'?

Yes! Sellers can only show 'Free shipping' if it's available nationwide.

To be arranged

This means the seller hasn't provided any shipping prices.

  • To get a shipping price, ask the seller. Mention your delivery area, but not your actual address – anyone can see the Q&A.
  • Shipping options can't be added post-purchase. If you want to pay with Ping or Afterpay, the seller needs to add this before you bid or buy.


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How do I pay for shipping?
Easy! Your selected shipping option is automatically added to your purchase amount. 
For 'To be arranged' – you'll need to make payment directly to the seller.

Combined shipping

Shipping more than one item

  • No extra charge: If you buy more than one item from the same listing, you'll pay one shipping fee.
  • Price per item: Shipping is charged per item.

Combine with another item you've paid shipping on

  • Price to add this item to an existing order from the same seller.
  • You must have already bought and paid for shipping on another item from the same seller.


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Pick-up options

Pick-up available

  • Choose this option if you prefer to collect the item yourself.
  • The location shown is approximate. If this is important to you, ask the seller for more info in the Q&A.

Seller does not allow pick-ups

  • This item can't be collected in person – you'll need to choose a shipping option.

Buyer must pick up

  • The seller isn't able to ship this item – it must be picked up.

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