Learning about the item and the seller

For tools and tips to buy with confidence on Trade Me check out our buying guide.

When purchasing online it's important to get as much information as possible.

Questions & Answers

Q&A is available on all auctions, and Motors classifieds.

When you ask a question, we email the seller letting them know. When the seller responds we'll send an email with their answer, it will also publicly appear on the listing. 

On a general auction, your question won't be visible until the seller answers it, or until the auction closes. On a Motors listing, your question will be visible as soon as you've asked it. 

Email the seller

With classifieds, you can send the seller an email right from the listing. 

When you email the seller, your private enquiry is sent directly to them via Trade Me. They'll be provided with your email address so they can get back to you. 

Other seller info 

If the seller's account has at least one red star next to their username, it means they're authenticated. 

Every member has a feedback rating, the higher the rating the more trades they've successfully completed.

Viewing a listing

Property and Motors listings can offer viewings.

We don’t offer viewings for Marketplace listings, as there is a potential for trades to be completed offsite – feedback can’t be given, and buyers aren’t covered by Buyer Protection.

We've got tools that help you learn more about the seller, and the item you're purchasing.

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