Becoming a professional seller

If you're serious about selling, it's important that your buyers can spot you as a professional seller right away. 

If you’re looking to register your account as a business, check out your options.


You'll need to switch on your in-trade flag

In-trade status lets buyers know they're dealing with a professional trader, and that they'll have protection under the Consumer Guarantees Act. 

Have a read over the in-trade disclosure and also check out our blog post if you're keen to learn more. The fee structure for professional sellers is a bit different. The success fee is calculated with different criteria, and the maximum fee is lower.   

Top Seller

As a professional seller, you can qualify for our Top Seller program. 

Check out the Top Seller details for more info. 


You can set up a Store which enables you to have your own landing page to look as professional as you like.

Check out our Stores info page to find out more, and to apply.


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