Becoming a professional seller

If you're serious about selling, it's important that your buyers can spot you as a professional seller right away. 

Here are a few steps you can take with your account to make sure it's looking sharp.


First up, you'll need to switch on your in-trade flag from your 'My Trade Me' page

In-trade status lets buyers know they're dealing with a professional trader, and that they'll have protection under the Consumer Guarantees Act. It's a good idea to have a read over the ins and outs of in-trade disclosure and also check out our blog post if you're keen to learn more about your obligations

How does this impact my account?

To make things easy, you'll receive a special in-trade label which will appear next to your username in the ‘About the seller’ section on your listings.

The fee structure for professional sellers is a bit different. The success fee is calculated with slightly different criteria, and the maximum fee is significantly lower.   

Business membership

You can update your account details to reflect the membership is for business use. Don't worry, none of the extra information you enter will be visible for members to see. 

Updating to a business membership means that the in-trade flag is switched on automatically.

Top Seller

As a professional seller, you can qualify for our Top Seller program. Top Sellers receive a discount on fees, free phone support and more. Be sure to read over the qualification criteria to see if you're getting close to meeting Top Seller status. 


If you're keen to take things to the next level, you can look at setting up a Store. For a small cost, you can have your own customised Store landing page to look as professional as possible to your potential buyers.

Stores also receive a heap of other exclusive benefits to help you stand out from the crowd, so if you're looking to step things up, a Trade Me Store could be the perfect fit. 

For more info, and to apply, head to our Stores homepage

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