Register a business membership

If you're using your account to sell goods on a regular basis, we recommend that you open a business account. To be considered eligible to open one you need to have a feedback rating of 95% or more on your personal account.

Business and personal accounts don't share a username or email address, and memberships must be kept entirely separate.

Business accounts automatically have the ‘in trade’ flag turned on, and are charged slightly different fees – check out our fees help page for more info.

To register for a business account, make sure you're logged out of your personal account, and fill out the registration form.

Note: Buying and selling on Trade Me is restricted to members located in New Zealand and Australia, except where a member has been specifically accepted as an ‘international’ seller by Trade Me. Sellers based in Australia must have a NZ bank account, and may not sell vehicles or property located in Australia.

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