Shipping Templates

Find out more about Shipping Templates, and how they can help you.

Shipping Templates show buyers up-front delivery costs and times, based on their location.


What are Shipping Templates?

Shipping Templates are required for any Buy Now only listing, created using a listing tool. If you don't use a listing tool, Shipping Templates aren't available.

  • You'll be able to choose from a list of carriers and service types, and enter a price. Free-text isn't available.
  • Sellers can have multiple templates for different types of items – any template can be applied to any listing.
  • 'Bulky/overweight item' / 'To be arranged' / 'I don't know the shipping costs yet' options are still available.
  • Book a Courier estimates can be used for Shipping Templates.


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How they work

Templates only need to be set up once, and can be bulk applied to your products. Different templates can be created for different packaging sizes and types of items.

Learn how to create Shipping Templates:

If you're using a different listing tool, contact your provider for help.

Using or mobile app?

If you want to use Shipping Templates, try our free listing tool My Products.

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Handling & delivery times

Expected delivery times are made up of two parts: handling time and delivery time.

  • Handling time should include the time it takes for the order to be picked and packed – and either picked up by the courier, or dropped off at the depot.
  • For delivery times, choose the option that fits best – the product name isn't visible on the listing.
  • These timeframes are intended as a guide rather than a guarantee. However, we do still expect sellers to make sure they're as accurate as possible.


If you're experiencing regular courier delays, please update your templates to reflect real-world conditions. 

Combined shipping

Shipping Templates have the option to add an extra per-item charge, so buyers can easily purchase multiple items from you.

  • When creating or editing a Shipping Template, select + Add combined shipping option.
  • Buyers will see this on your listing as 'Combine with another item you've paid shipping on'.
  • Choose the amount to charge buyers, when combining shipping with another item they've bought from you.


Screenshot of combined shipping selection in My Products.

Free shipping

With Shipping Templates, buyers will see 'Free shipping' and expected delivery time in search results.

All you need to do is:

  • Create a new shipping template.
  • Select the option for Free shipping.
  • Enter your handling times, then save the template. 
  • Once that's saved, you can bulk edit your listings and apply the shipping template you've saved.



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Why has Trade Me made these compulsory?

Research shows that buyer value detailed info. More detailed shipping information means we can:

  • Calculate estimated delivery for buyers, including handling time.
  • Show shipping costs and estimated delivery times in search results.
  • Highlight sellers with the best shipping options.

Rich info in search results makes it easier for buyers to decide what to buy. A better buying experience is also great for sellers, and can help improve conversion.

Why can't I use Shipping Templates?
  • Shipping Templates aren't available on the desktop site or the mobile apps. Try our free listing tool, My Products.
  • If you use a third-party system that doesn't yet support Shipping Templates, tell your provider you'd like them to support this.

Why can't I add my own text?
  • With pre-set shipping options for most NZ carriers, extra text isn't needed.
  • We can show buyers more personalised and accurate shipping information in search results.
  • Consistency across listings makes shipping options easier to understand.

What about freight and oversized items?
  • If your option isn't available under an existing shipping option, select Other.
  • If you can only send items to a depot, select OtherDepot.
  • If your freight situation is more complex, select Bulky / overweight freightTo be arranged, or I don't know the shipping costs yet.
  • We'll continue to add more freight options over time, based on your feedback and suggestions.

What about Book a Courier estimates?
  • Book a Courier estimates can be generated for Shipping Templates.
  • To get estimates, select Book a courier when creating a new Shipping Template.

How do I add an option for standard post?
  • We'll be adding more product options soon.
  • In the meantime, select Other for 'Carrier', then select the most appropriate product option, based on delivery timeframes.

I don't ship every day – how do I set this up?
  • If your handling times vary, consider setting your handling time as an average.
  • If anything, it's best to overestimate handling times, so buyers aren't disappointed.

What about auctions?
  • We encourage professional sellers to use Buy Now only listings.
  • Auctions use classic shipping options with free text fields.

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