Listing types


You set a reserve price and a start price. Members place bids and if the reserve is met, the highest bidder is the winner. A Buy Now is optional to include, and can be used to instantly win the auction. Auctions are used in general Marketplace and Motors.

Multiple Quantity Listing (MQL)

If you have more than one of the same item, you can set up an MQL. Select 'Buy Now only' when creating the listing, and enter the amount you have in the 'Quantity available' box. MQLs are Buy Now only, and shipping can be charged per order or per item.

MQLs are used in general Marketplace categories.

Classified or asking price

Classifieds sales happen off-site, like a newspaper ad. You set an asking price, and interested traders contact you directly. Once you've reached a deal, you withdraw your ad from the site. Classifieds are used for property, motors, certain machinery and animals. Feedback isn’t left for classifieds. 


You can set up an ad to offer services. Members contact you directly if they're keen to learn more. They can leave a thumbs up or down to review their experience, which is visible to other members. 


Depending on what you’re listing, you can add up to 20 photos.

Motors car listings created from 3 May 2019 can add photos depending on which listing option you choose.

  • Basic listings can have up to 10 photos
  • Standard and Premium listings can have up to 20 photos.

If you renew, you’ll be able to keep the same number of photos as the original listing.

For our general Marketplace categories, make sure your photos are in line with our photo policy.

Listing length

The maximum listing duration will range depending on what you’re listing.

Listing length
General Marketplace Up to 10 days
DVD catalog Up to 14 days
Motors car listings (from 3 May 2019) Up to 90 days
Motors motorbikes, boats and other vehicles Up to 14 days
Jobs Up to 30 days
Property for sale/lease Up to 30 days
Flatmates wanted/Property for rent Up to 14 days
Services Up to 90 days

*For Motors car listings, the maximum duration is 14 days for members who have listed seven or more cars in the previous 12 months or are RMVT registered.

You can set a custom closing time for an auction (within the maximum duration).

If someone places a bid within the last two minutes of an auction, it will auto extend by two minutes.


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