Ping balance

Your Ping balance is stored money from selling items with Ping (held on trust by Trade Me).

You can use your Ping balance to buy items on Trade Me, withdraw the funds to your bank account, or top up your Trade Me account.

Withdrawing from Ping

You have control when your balance is sent to your bank account. To withdraw, select 'Transfer out' from 'Ping' within My Trade Me. This will then be processed into the NZ bank account provided. You can have your balance sent out automatically every working day by selecting ‘Enable' under 'Transfer out options'.

To withdraw in-app, under ‘Account’ head to ‘Manage Ping’ and select ‘Transfer out’.

Note: withdrawals are not processed instantly. Standard processing time is 2:45 pm daily. 

Transfer your Ping balance to a bank account

  1. Head to ‘Manage Ping’ from ‘My Trade Me’. 
  2. Under ‘Transfer out’, enter your bank account details and select ‘Save’ (NZ bank accounts only). 

If you’ve sold with Pay Now in the past, the bank account you used then will already be verified in Ping. You can update your chosen bank account at any time.

Updating saved bank details

To remove or edit your saved bank account details head to your ‘Ping’ from ‘My Trade Me’. You’re able to delete your saved details – use this tool to add or edit.

In-app, select ‘Account’ and head to ‘Manage Ping’. Select ‘Transfer out’ to view your saved details. To edit or delete, select ‘Edit’ and follow the prompts.

Exporting Ping transactions 

You can export your Ping transactional history to a file, from our Desktop site. On your 'Transactions' page, select your date range and select 'Download'.


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