Items that don't sell

You have 45 days once a listing has closed to relist or renew before it's removed from the site and archived.

Fixed price offer

You can send out a fixed price offer for a limited time, to members who had your listing on their watchlist:

  1. Select 'Fixed price offer' on the expired listing or on your 'Unsold' page.
  2. Decide on your offer price and choose how many days the offer is valid for.
  3. Select the watchers you'd like to receive the offer.

We'll notify you if your offer is accepted.


To relist your item, select 'Relist' on the expired listing or on your 'Unsold' page, or search for the expired listing. 

It's free to relist auctions but you'll be charged if you choose to use any promos.

Once the new listing is up on the site, we'll email the members who had your listing on their watchlist.


Motors car listings created from 3 May 2019 can be renewed for 30 days, at a reduced listing fee.

Questions, answers and watchers aren't carried over to your new listing.

Note: Members who have listed seven or more vehicles in the previous 12 months or are Dealerbase users are excluded from this pricing.


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