Feedback from the seller is unfair

If you've tried to resolve the dispute and are still left with unfair feedback, you can report it.

Attach relevant info, such as:

  • screenshots of correspondence between you and the seller
  • proof of payment if you've paid outside of Trade Me.

As a buyer, you're expected to:

  • make contact within two working days, pay for goods purchased within a week of the auction closing and receiving payment details.
  • send your delivery address (where applicable) within a week of the auction closing.

You can respond to feedback through the ‘post response to this feedback’ link beneath the feedback you have received – this will appear alongside the member’s comment on your feedback page. 

We will only take action that is in line with our Feedback Policy and Code of Conduct.

If you feel like you've been left with unfair feedback from a seller – we can help.

Thank you for your feedback!