Financial disputes

Our financial services relate to aspects of how we hold or transfer your money or arrange payments on your behalf. 

If you have concerns about how our financial services are provided we recommend the following action.

1. Contact us 

Our Help Centre details information for services such as Ping, Afterpay and our Fees structure. 

You can also contact us directly. 

2. Financial Services Disputes Resolution Team

If you’re unhappy with how we’ve provided a financial service, complete a Financial Services Dispute Form.

We’ll get in touch and work to resolve your issue. As we’re required to keep a clear record of how we deal with your complaint, we’ll communicate with you by email or in writing.

It’s important that your dispute form is detailed and that you provide us with as much accurate and thorough information as possible.

3. Contact the Financial Disputes Resolution provider

If we have not been able to resolve your complaint, you can lodge it with Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR). The FDR can only consider complaints regarding our provision of financial services –  this excludes issues of pricing or general policies and practices.

The FDR can only consider complaints provided to, or withheld from you, by Trade Me after 15 November 2011 that fall within the Financial Service Providers Registration and Dispute Resolution Act 2008.


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