Listings that didn't sell

Request a fixed price offer or relist

If you had the listing in your Watchlist, you can ask the seller to send out an offer by selecting 'Request a relist or offer' on the expired listing.

If you didn't have the listing on your Watchlist, you're still able to request a relist or fixed price offer. Find the listing through the expired listings search.

If you’re using one of our apps, head to ‘Lost’ from the ‘Buying’ tab. When you select the item, you’ll see options for ‘Request fixed price offer’ and ‘Request relist’. 

We'll send you an email if the seller offers actions your request, it is up to the seller to decide this – we don’t encourage the seller to relist on your behalf.

The seller withdrew the auction

We allow sellers to withdraw auctions as there may be a legitimate reason to do so (e.g. if the item was broken or stolen).

We monitor sellers who regularly withdraw auctions and follow up where necessary.

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