Favourite search  

You can save your favourite searches by clicking the 'save this search' button on the search results page after entering in your keywords to be notified when something new is listed. To narrow things down, you can limit your searches to within a particular category.

Favourite category

You can save your favourite categories by clicking the 'save as a favourite category' button to be notified when something new is listed in the category. Keep in mind you're unable to add categories that have subcategories, so if the button doesn't appear, you'll need to choose the most relevant subcategory.

Favourite seller

You can save your favourite sellers by clicking the 'save this seller' button to be notified when they list anything new on the site. 

Managing your favourites  

Once you add a favourite you'll automatically be emailed the results daily. You can change this setting from your My Favourites page, which you can find on your My Trade Me page. You can remove a favourite at any time. 

After 35 days your settings will be changed to stop sending emails. If you're still keen to receive them, you'll need to turn the emails back on

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