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    Unfortunately the seller is now accusing me of ulterior motives for wanting a damaged bangle instead of sending my bank details for a refund. The bangle is an older style and had dents that was mentioned in the Auction so i was well aware it wasn't perfect which is why i found her response of she will not send a damaged bangle and her bangle her decision comment unwarranted. I think now its become a morals situation for me. I was grateful for the first email letting me know about the further damage but now it feels like gaslighting and projection. I do realize going through with the refund ...

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    I purchased a bangle with payment and delivery details sent straight away. The buyer messaged me to say the bangle had damage not specified in the listing which I replied thank you for letting me know and I'd like to continue with the sale. Seller is demanding bank details for refund because he doesn't want to send the damaged bangle. Am I being unreasonable in thinking this isn't right and if i accept the broken attachment there should be no reason for the seller not to continue with the sale?