Managing Book a courier

If you're having issues with your courier booking – we can help.


View and manage bookings

Select Manage bookings from My Trade Me.

To view and manage your bookings, head to in your browser.

To view and manage your bookings, head to in your browser.

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Cancelling or changing a booking


  1. Contact the courier directly to cancel the booking:
    – Aramex – 0800 327 8929
    – NZ Post – 0800 501 501

  2. Chat with us, or get in touch below.

  3. We'll refund your booking fee.


Editing a booking

Confirmed bookings can't be edited. To change a booking – cancel it, then create a new booking.

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Pick-up issues

  • The majority of bookings are collected on the preferred date – but delays are possible to form time to time.
  • The pick-up date selected can't be guaranteed – but our courier partners will always do their best to meet it.


If your parcel hasn't been collectedget in touch with the courier.

If you need to re-bookget in touch with us.

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During the listing process, you can generate estimates. The final price is based on: 

  • Delivery address.
  • Package type.
  • Package size and weight.


As these details aren’t known when the original estimate is generated, you may need to reach out to the buyer to have them pay the difference.

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