Managing Book a courier

COVID-19 update We're working with NZ Post to manage the large volumes they are experiencing. This means NZ Post may not be available as a courier option from time-to-time. Aramex is still operating as normal, however, please note Aramex does not collect from rural addresses.

We're sorry for any inconvenience and are asking our members to please be patient.

Problems with a booking

If you’ve made a booking and you’re having issues – contact the courier directly.

Aramex: 0800 327 8929 

NZ Post: 0800 501 501

Cancelling or changing a booking

If you need to cancel or change a booking – contact the courier directly.

Aramex: 0800 327 8929 

NZ Post: 0800 501 501

Once you’ve cancelled the booking with the courier, get in touch with us via live chat, or leave us a message, and we'll refund your booking fee.

Issues confirming an address

Addresses need to match the format on the NZ Postcode & Address Finder before the courier company will accept the booking. 

There are also some rural addresses where couriers can’t pick up, but the vast majority of New Zealand is covered.


During the listing process you're given a range of estimates. When it comes to booking, the final price is based on: 

  • the buyer’s delivery address,
  • the package size,
  • the package weight.

As these details aren’t known when the original estimate is generated, you may need to reach out to the buyer to have them pay the difference.


If you're having issues with Book a courier – we can help.


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