General Marketplace photo policy and guidelines

This policy applies to all 'in trade' sellers on Trade Me, and is as follows:


  • Large, clear images of the item for sale.
  • Small, transparent watermarks used to show ownership or attribution only. As a guide, watermarks should be smaller than 5% of your photo, and more transparent than 50%.
  • Photos clearly showing any product flaws or defects.
  • Other items in the photo are only there to help the buyer (e.g. to show scale/sizing).
  • Videos comply with the Marketplace video terms and conditions (video available to Top Sellers only).



  • The main listing photo does not show the item for sale.
  • Photos that don't accurately represent the product for sale (e.g. using stock images* for second-hand, damaged or faulty items).
  • Photos that use watermarks, logos, artwork, photo borders or text to convey messages, e.g. that there’s no image available, low stock availability or any other marketing messages.
  • Photos that include contact details, website addresses or any other branded marketing.
  • Watermark or logos that obscure or interfere with the item in the photo. As a guide, watermarks should be smaller than 5% of your photo, and more transparent than 50%.
  • Photos that are in breach of Intellectual Property Rights.

*Stock images may be used with the rights holder’s express permission for brand new products and "as new" refurbished products, if the product has no visible flaws or defects and the image accurately reflects the product's quality.

Non-compliance may result in:

  • Immediate removal of offending photos/videos by Trade Me.
  • Adjustment of listings in search results until listings are acceptable.


Photo requirements

  • At least 500 pixels (px) on one side.
  • Up to 5MB.
  • PNG, JPG, BMP, or GIF.


How can I check if my current photos are the right size?

For any photos in your My Photos, you'll see the dimensions of your images.

In My Products or Tradevine, go to the product and click on the photo.

If you need to resize your images, there are a bunch of websites you can try. This website will give you a rundown of those.

What if my photos aren’t big enough?

It's best to take new photos to make sure they're of good quality.

Please don’t use photos found on Google, as often these won’t be large enough and you may be infringing on other people’s intellectual property rights – our terms and conditions require that you hold copyright over, or have permission to use, any photos uploaded.


Check out our general Marketplace photo policy, and let us know if you have any questions.

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