Reporting listings

Find out what to do if a listing might be breaching our policies. We'll show what we need to know, and what makes a great report.

You can report listings or sellers who might be breaking the rules by selecting 'Community Watch' at the bottom of every listing.

StarCommunity Watch

In your report, give as much detail as you can. We need evidence to be able to take action – the more evidence you add, the better we can understand your concern.

You can use Community Watch for a bunch of reasons:

  • An item is on Trade Me's Banned & Restricted list. If it's unsafe or illegal to sell, let us know – we'll remove it.
  • An item is listed in the wrong category.
  • People trying to complete the trade outside of the auction process.
  • Members who have contact details on their auctions.
  • Intellectual property infringements, such as fake goods or copied photos.
  • Suspicious bidding patterns, such as members bidding on their own auctions.


You can also let us know if you think an item listed is stolen property.

Find out how to file a great report, so we can take the best action.
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What happens after the listing is reported?

Due to the Privacy Act, we can't share what action we have or haven't taken on another member's account. 

We won't tell you what we've done to the listing or the seller's account  – that doesn't mean we haven't taken any action on your complaint, it just means we can't discuss it with you for privacy reasons.

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