Stolen goods

If you think an item is stolen, or that you've received stolen goods, we strongly suggest that you contact your local Police station and provide this information directly.

We have a process in place with the NZ Police that needs to be followed. The police will contact us directly regarding any information they require.

Searching for stolen goods

We have teams that make sure the site is a safe place to trade, however, we can’t look out for your goods proactively.

Favourite searches are helpful for checking if your goods are on Trade Me.

If you find your item on site, you can begin the process with the NZ Police to reclaim your goods.

You can search for expired listings that are no longer on the site. Select the down arrow next to the magnifying glass on the search bar and select 'Search expired listings'.

Gathering information on suspected stolen goods

  • Note the seller's username and auction number.

  • NZ Police require evidence as to why you believe the item is yours –  try and track down serial numbers, proof of purchase, photos of your item. Check for photographs from the auction where you can identify specific marks, scratches, or modifications which match your stolen item.

  • Take all of this info to your local Police station, including your Police file number from the burglary/theft, and file a complaint about the listed item. The Police will update you directly with the outcome of the investigation.

  • Let us know about the item via the Community Watch button on the listing.


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