Trade Me account

Credit my account 

There are a few different ways you can top up your Trade Me account.  To start, just click 'Add credit' from your My Trade Me page. 

Debit or credit card 

You can use your card to add credit to your account. The amount will appear on your membership immediately, so you can get stuck into selling right away. Keep in mind that prepaid gift cards (like Prezzy cards) can't be used to credit your account.

If you'd rather pay with your card over the phone instead, give us a bell on (04) 803 26 98.

Internet or phone banking

You can credit your account by transferring money from your bank account to your Trade Me membership. We're a pre-assigned biller with all major banks, so just search 'trade' in your bank's list of registered billers to find us. 

It's really important that you add your member number (found next to your username on the My Trade Me page) and as much of your email address as can fit for references. This makes sure that your credit ends up on your membership.

The credit can take up to three working days to appear on your account due to bank processing times. 


You can also credit your account by sending us a cheque. Just select 'Pay by other means' then 'Cheque' from the 'Add credit' page to receive a customised Cheque Payment Form. 

Please don't send us cash – cash payments will NOT be credited to your Trade Me account.

Credit by cheque can take up to a week to be processed into your account once it reaches us.

How to use credit

Trade Me credit is used to cover services, such as listings fees and success fees. Funds in your Trade Me account can't be used to pay for items you've won on the site. If you've topped up your account by accident, we can help. 

Saved credit cards

To make things easier, you can save a card to your Trade Me account. Just tick the 'Save these card details for next time' link when you're topping up your account. 

Editing or deleting your card

To save a new card to your account, you'll need to credit your account and enter in your new details. Tick the 'Save' box again to override your old details.

You can delete your card from your account by clicking the 'delete this card' link from the add credit page

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