Trade Me account

Trade Me credit is used for listings fees and success fees. Funds in your Trade Me account can't be used to pay for items you've won.

If you've topped up your account by accident, we can help.

How to credit your account

There are a few ways to top up your Trade Me account. To start, select 'Add credit' from your ‘My Trade Me’ page. 


You can use your Ping balance to top up your membership. Any credit/debit cards or bank account details you have linked to Ping can also be used.

The amount will appear in your membership immediately. 

Learn more on our Ping Help page.

Debit or credit card 

When using a credit or debit card, the amount will appear in your membership immediately. 

Internet banking

We're a pre-assigned biller with all major banks, so search 'Trade Me Limited' in your bank's list of registered billers to find us. 

It's important that you add your member number (found next to your username on the ‘My Trade Me’ page) and as much of your email address as can for references.

Credit can take up to three working days to appear on your membership.

If your Ping account isn’t enabled, you’ll only be able to top up your account via internet banking. If you need to enable your Ping account, get in touch with us.

Saved credit card details

You can save card details when topping up your Trade Me account, these can be removed or edited at any time. If you’re interested, check out your options.


We'll show you how to credit your Trade Me account, and how to update any saved payment details.

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