Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart enables you to purchase multiple listings from different sellers in one go. The Cart can only be used for listings with Buy Now and Ping, Afterpay is not available in the Cart.

How it works

Select 'Add to cart' on the listing. When you're ready to purchase, select the 'Cart'. Review the details, make sure the quantities are correct and select your shipping option. 

When you're ready to confirm the purchase, select 'Proceed to checkout'.


Can you remove items from your Cart?

Yes, you can remove listings from your Cart by clicking the 'X' next to the item.

Can you add an item you're bidding on to your Cart?

Yes, if it has Buy Now or Ping as a payment option, and the reserve hasn’t been met.

What is combined shipping?

You can qualify for free shipping if you meet the price or item threshold the seller has set up – if they’ve chosen to add this to their listings. A message will show in your Cart to detail what you need to do in order to qualify.

What are the charges you see on your card?

The Cart authorises payments to make sure you have enough credit on your card before making the full payment.

You may see an authorisation amount on your statement for the total value of your Cart. No money has been taken from your account at this stage. The transaction(s) take place once you select ‘Complete purchase’. This will then show as individual charges, per listing, on your statement.

If you don't complete your Cart purchase, this authorisation amount will expire. This can take up to five days – no action is required on your behalf.

Some members may notice a separate $1 amount on their statement. This shows the first time you use your card in the Cart. We don’t take $1 from you – this transaction is never completed and will disappear in up to five days – it’s simply a way of verifying your card for future payments within the Cart.

What happens if another member purchases, or bids on an item that is in your Cart?

If a bid is placed that meets reserve or ‘Buy Now’ is selected while the listing is in your Cart, the product will be flagged to you as no longer available. Items aren’t held once they are in your Cart as we don’t want to stop members being able to bid or use Buy Now.



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