Charities and fundraising

We can help charities and fundraisers – Trade Me's a great place to list auctions, generate money, and raise awareness of your cause. Our charities team can assist with fee rebates, help with listings and setting up accounts, give you hot tips about what we've seen work best, and maybe even help promote your listings.

If you're a registered charity

If you're a charity registered with Charities Services, we'll provide you with a 50% discount in success fees. The success fees will be charged as usual, and the 50% rebate will be automatically refunded back your Trade Me account as each auction closes.

If you want to register with Trade Me, please do the following:

  • Set up a business membership to be used for your fundraising auctions. You'll be asked to provide info about the charity, as well as the details of the main contact person managing the account.
  • Complete the registered charity application form and return to us by emailing it to
  • We'll be in touch to let you know once we have approved the membership.
  • You'll need to authenticate your membership in order to be able to place listings. Check out our authenticating your account help page.


The Trade Me Jobs team is happy to provide an additional 33% discount off all Job Packs and Volume Plan rates – please contact our Trade Me Jobs team directly on 0800 865 627 or email

If you're not a registered charity

In addition to registered charities, we know lots of Kiwis are awesome and love to fundraise on behalf of charities, even if they're not affiliated with the charity officially. We can help out here too.

Email us at with a brief summary of what you’re planning on listing, and who you’re donating the proceeds to. Approval from the charity and any other supporting details about the fundraising initiative would be good to include too. We’ll get back in touch to let you know what we can do to help.

Charity-related campaigns and coolness 

If you have a special listing, a bunch of awesome things, a cool idea, or a big campaign you think we should know more about, please get in touch with our charities team on with a brief summary.

Thank you for your feedback!