Reporting phishing and scams

If something feels a little too good to be true, or if it looks a bit ‘off’, chances are it is. Help keep yourself safe online by checking out our phishing and scams blog post.

Receiving suspicious emails

If you ever receive a suspicious email that looks like it’s from us, our Trust and Safety team want to know about it. Please forward the email to our team directly via

If you have clicked on any of the links in a suspicious email, please call us urgently on 0800 334 332. Our Trust and Safety team are available on this number from 7:00 am until midnight, seven days a week.

Buyers or potential flatmates asking to send money

As a seller, there’s never a reason to send money to someone in order to complete a trade. This kind of contact may be a scammer trying to trick you into a freight forwarding scam or a flatmate wanted scam.

If you have concerns about something else

If something else is raising a red flag about a listing, member, or trade, check out how you can report listings or behaviour.



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