Listing policies

To make sure you have a great experience when browsing and buying items, we have some rules and guidelines for you to follow when creating listings.

  • Category:

    • You should list an item in the most appropriate category for the item. If you list in a second category, you should list the item in the two most appropriate categories.
    • You may only sell or offer services in our Services Category or in our Travel, Events & Activities Category. All Services Category listings must comply with our Member Services Category Policy.

    • You may only sell bookings and tickets in our Travel, Events & Activities Category. All accommodation and travel packages must be able to be transferred into the buyer's name from within New Zealand (either directly with the service provider, or via a travel agent). You must not list any kind of flight ticket or airfare (even if the ticket is transferable) unless you are the originating airline or a travel agent.

  • Main photo:

    • Listings must be accurately represented. The main photo on your listing (i.e the one that displays in search results and first on your listing) must contain the item you’re selling.

  • Use as intended, and keep it onsite:

    • Listings should be used for the sale or promotion of actual or specific things, including services, and should not be used solely for the general advertising of your brand or business. For example, you should use a listing to promote an actual property that is available for rent, and not simply to advertise your property management business. You must not use Trade Me listings to promote a business or website other than one for sale in your listing. If you wish to use Trade Me purely for advertising, check out our Audience service.

    • Listings should be used to list a specific item and should not be used for multiple or generic items. You may not use a Listing to offer to sell additional items outside of Trade Me, or list a per item price. For example, if you have two of the same car for sale, you must create two separate listings.

    • If you only have one item for sale, you should only create one listing – don’t create multiple listings for a single item.

    • Your listings may contain a URL for a website that contains further information on the item you have listed, but that website must not offer any items for sale, or contain contact details.

    • We generally allow members to relist their Marketplace, Motors or Property listings until the item, property or vehicle has sold, or in the case of a rental property or spare room, until these have been rented. The ability to relist is subject to a few specific terms. For example, you need to re-list within a set timeframe (usually 45 days), and any extras or features are charged on relist. You can’t use the relist function to re-use listings for a different item, vehicle, or property (for example by editing the listing content and photos). You also must not use the relist function to manipulate search results or artificially improve the search position of your listing.
    • Listings shouldn’t include any contact details, except where asked for in the listing process.

    • Listing an item is a commitment to sell it through Trade Me – you may not withdraw an item because it has not reached the price you wanted.

    • 'Keyword spamming' to manipulate search results is not allowed.

  • Identical or otherwise identical items:

    • On Trade Me Marketplace, you may have up to 10 listings for identical items for sale at any one time, except for items in the ‘Electronics & photography’ and ‘Sports’ categories, where you may only have one listing per identical item.

    • If you list variations of an otherwise identical item on Trade Me Marketplace, such as different colours or sizes, then you must use multi-variant listings ("MVL") unless we have given you our prior written approval to create separate listings.

  • Prices and fees:
    • All prices must be in New Zealand dollars and include all applicable GST (if any).

    • Listings fees and success fees are to be paid by the seller. You may not add these fees or other fees onto the winning bid amount.

  • Shipping:

    • Shipping and packaging charges must be reasonable and a reflection of the actual costs for packaging and postage, and shouldn’t be inflated for profit. For example, we don’t think it’s cool to charge for your time and petrol as part of your shipping and packaging cost.

We may remove or edit your listing if it violates our policies or our terms. We may also remove listings from the homepage of our site, if we think its necessary.

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