Your listing allowance

Your listing allowance is the number of items you can list at one time before you're charged high volume listing (HVL) fees of $0.10 per additional listing.

Every seller is given a listing allowance of 50 listings. You might receive a larger listing allowance based on your total sales.

You can find your listing allowance on your 'Sales summary' page in 'My Trade Me'.

How it's worked out 

Your allowance is based on your last six weeks of selling – taking the total number of sales from your best performing week, multiplied by five.

 If you're selling multiple-quantity listings, your allowance is based on the number of purchases made, not units sold.


The following categories are not counted toward your listing allowance, and do not incur a high listing fee:

  • Lost & Found Pets
  • Cars and all other vehicles
  • Property 
  • DVDs


Our listing allowance policy.

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