Listing allowance

It's free to create a general Marketplace listing on Trade Me – within your free listing allowance. Everyone has a minimum allowance of 50 listings.

View your listing allowance on your Sales summary page in My Trade Me.


How it's worked out 

Your minimum allowance is 50 free listings, but this can go up based on your sales.

To work it out, take your highest number of weekly sales from the past six weeks, then multiply by five.


For multiple-quantity listings, your allowance is based on the number of purchases made, not units sold.

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What happens if I go over my allowance?

There's a $0.10 high-volume listing (HVL) fee for every new listing created, once your allowance has been reached.

This doesn't increase your allowance – the only way to increase your allowance is by increasing sales.


  • Your listing allowance is 50, and you have 52 live listings.
  • Two listings close, and you start two new listings.
  • You'll be charged 2x $0.10 HVL fees.


If you're hitting your allowance regularly, consider:


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These categories don't count toward your listing allowance, and won't be charged a high volume listing fee if you've hit your allowance:

  • Lost & Found Pets
  • Cars and all other vehicles
  • Property 
  • DVDs & Blu-rays


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Our listing allowance policy.

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