Disputing feedback from the seller

Check out our tips to resolve feedback complaints with the seller. If you can't get things sorted, you can send us a feedback report.

We've got tips to help you and the seller resolve disagreements around feedback. If you're not able to get things sorted with them, you can send us a feedback dispute.

Learn how to place, edit, or remove feedback:
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1. Check you've met your obligations

We expect buyers to:

  • Respond to emails as soon as possible.
  • Pay for goods purchased as soon as possible.
  • Provide a delivery address, or arrange pick up as soon as possible.

Check our
Code of Conduct for what's expected during a trade.

2. Contact the seller

Most problems are resolved by contacting the seller. It’s also a good idea to check that your contact details are up to date.


3. File a feedback report

If you can’t resolve things with the seller directly, we may be able to help.

Check out our Feedback policy before reporting feedback. We won’t remove feedback if it’s in line with our policies.

When filing a report, attach all relevant info – such as screenshots and proof of payment – to help your case.


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