Placing feedback as a buyer

At the end of every trade, we encourage the buyer and seller to place feedback. You have up to 45 days from the listing closing to place feedback.

To submit feedback on an item you've received:

  1. Go to 'Items I've won' through 'My Trade Me'
  2. Select 'Place feedback'. 

If you’re using one of our apps, select ‘Won’ from the ‘Buying’ tab.

You can only place feedback up to 45 days after the auction has closed.

Editing feedback

You can only edit or remove feedback once. Once feedback is removed, it can't be reinstated. 

To edit or remove feedback:

  1. Select 'Won' from 'My Trade Me'
  2. Select 'Feedback placed' from the right-hand menu
  3. Select 'delete' or 'edit'.

Unfair feedback

If you think you’ve received unfair feedback – check out your options.

Thank you for your feedback!