You can keep track of all the items you're interested in or bidding on from your Watchlist, which sits under your My Trade Me page

Adding and deleting items from your watchlist

When you bid on an auction, it's automatically added to your Watchlist. To add a listing to your watchlist, just click the button on the listing page or in the search results. So that you don't miss out, you can choose when you'd like to receive an email reminder before the auction closes. 

You can remove an item from your watchlist at any time. Keep in mind, if you're currently bidding on an item, you won't be able to delete the auction from your Watchlist. 

Filtering and notes 

To make things easier, you can filter the listings on your Watchlist by different criteria, such as 'your leading bids' or 'closing soon' using the filter at the top of your Watchlist. 

You can add a note to each listing on your Watchlist by clicking the 'add note' link under the listing. You're the only person who can read your notes. 

Recently viewed items

You'll find your last 500 viewed items on your 'Recently viewed' page. You can switch this feature on or off at the top of the page. Selecting 'No' will clear your list.

If you're looking for something in particular, you can set up a Favourite to get matching listings emailed directly to you.





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