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    Thanks for your advice Gary. There is a fault with the item, however I clearly listed in the description of the auction. They did come back to me after winning the auction asking about it, for which I stated that it was mentioned. I don’t intend on reducing the cost for them. They mainly want me to reduce the price, due to what they have seen items go for second hand elsewhere. Why do buyers do this! So frustrating, I don’t understand why they even bid.

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    Auction closed and i immediately contacted buyer. She initially was very slow with response and then disappeared completely for a week and had not confirmed any of her details for me to ship item. She had not responded in 7 days of the auction closing so I contacted her and asked what does she want to do, cancel?. No response, I then applied for a refund of the success fee. Buyer has then just now responded, stating she was on a business trip so that was the reason for no response, now also wants the total price lessened. Can buyers do this, ask for a reduced price after bidding and w...