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    Thanks Gary, I appreciate your reply. My expectation was that the HVL fee applied to the listing for the duration it was live, counting as a listing extra to the free quota. Instead, as items sold / total listings reduce, the total listing number needed to be under 50 for any additional free listings. Currently, we have 60+ listings, 40 of which I've paid an HVL fee on, and we expect to have a quota of 30 free listings available. I found out today that wasn't the case, and considered it was a misrepresentation of fees and unfair sales practice. I've since reached out to Trademe and have app...

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    Afternoon, wondering if there has been any progress on your query? Just got stung in the HVL trap, listing daily and paying the HVL fee for listings over my quota, reasonably expecting that fee would apply for the listing duration. Instead, as goods sell, items I have paid the HVL on, drop down into my free listing quota, and I'm stuck on a hamster wheel of paying again per listing. Have searched the Trademe site for clarity. These HVL fees are misrepresented to their seller community.