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    Totally agree. Hence me reaching out. Problem is there seems to be no was of contacting trademe any more. Also non of their q&as help. So leads me to think how easy scamming people is becoming.

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    Thanks. I have asked trademe help to confirm the user. They should follow up on potential scams. Im not happy about the fact the account seems to have popped up since the add started. It could all be genuine, but feels funny. Its a classified add not an auction, so no option to stop people sending email.

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    Im selling an expensive motorbike. I have recived 2 emails through trademe from a supposedly interested buyer. But the buyer is New this week., no history and a gmail email. They have not tried my contact phone even though i have pointed them to it in my replies. I have not been asked for any other detail. This feels like a fake account, how can i find out.