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    @Callum, we are not talking about adding buy now after the auction has started. Tm removes the buy now you've set up from the start as soon as reserve is reached , this is what this post is about. Buy now is the premium price a seller hopes to get. Buyer gets instant gratification as s bonus if they pay the premium. Reserve is a minimum price selker expects to get. Once the minimum is reached, tm should not remove the premium price. It makes no sense Sure, someone who was leading would be disappointed if buy now is used. They would also be disappointed if they are outbid. That's life. ...

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    This really sucks! Buy now should be available even after the reserve price is met. I don't see any reason to hide it. It is bad for buyers, sellers and trade me. If the bidders are bidding around $100 and someone wants it urgently and is happy to pay buy now of say $300, why would you prevent this?