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    Hi all thanks for all the support and advice. In the end trademe contacted me pretty quickly and told me it was infact a scam and the sellers profile has been removed. Because of already being suspicious about it I hadn't given any money etc so it was all fine in the end. Also after a few days the unfair negative feedback was removed so phew! There wasn't any fine print in the ad that super quick feedback was required etc so thats why I became weirded out by this aggro behaviour by the seller haha. Thanks again everyone!!!!    

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    Hi there, I bought an item today and the seller only wants paypal as a payment option. They have acted quite strangely and aggressively and even though I only bought the item today, they have already given me negative feedback about not emailing them back after 2 hours (I was at work so couldn't.....). Is this a scam?? I have a bad feeling about it now and I don't want to be ripped off because its a lot of money! Who in trademe should I contact about this?