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    i mean she not he 

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    he is replying to my emails its just so frustrating i refuse to refund her not that she has asked for that i will just put the parceled-up box away until shipping is paid for im having triple bypass this month which i told her and just want the parcel gone. 

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    thanks, everyone for all your advice the trader emailed today and asked if $30 is ok for shipping i said no ive already told you its $66 ...honestly people 

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    A buyer has bought several auctions off me dating back to early February payment was slow but i was happy to wait she asked for shipping cost and then she purchased more trades from me i boxed it all up and sent several emails about shipping costs this trader is full of promises as when to pay for the shipping all the items have been paid for and i just want to get it posted off to her. We are now into April and i still have the parcel she asks the same question every email "Can you find a box to put it all in" and i reply i have already done this i have placed negative feedback on her and ...