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    Thanks, Gary My concern was more someone claiming legal enitltement to some form of compensation because of a rogue payment to my bank account which I ignored. According to this user She couldn't refund the rogue sender. Using some common knowledge however my goods sell for under a hundred dollars so I can't see any obligations especially with a trail demonstrating that the rogue payment was with intention to manipulate or harrass.  

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    "Dosh" is a crass term for Money. Usually used by comic book characters like Dick Tracy criminals. You also answered a concern that I was having. Too bad you can't reply back to their bank account making an entry that says 'Tanks, Guv'nor.' If the amount is under a few hundred dollars they'll have an ass time finding a lawyer to help play their game so more cash for your coffers.

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    Say I wait three business days after a sale and do not get a response. I figure it's 'one of those kinda buyers' and inform them that I am applying for a Success Fee return, retracting the sale from them and relisting. A few days after relisting the previous buyer notices the item selling for more and feels they are still entitled so go and quietly pay expecting me to drop current auction and release to them? Unless an obnoxious bank fee I can see myself returning payment to sender and blocking future transactions but if a hardened troll they could use other means to conitnue making the pay...