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    A lot of them have appalling feedback.

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    Latest $1 listing. I see now hes taking names for preorders Lol. Ive reported this but don't expect any action.

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    I do that all the time but they aren't removed. The guy was asking 3,500 for the manual conversion, which since I reported this listing he has now sold. You can check if he started a listing for it, but I can assure you he didn't. He paid $1 for free advertising and sold outside of trademe without paying fees. If I have a list of parts like he has, why do I have to list them individually and pay fees? Am I just too honest?

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    My gripe. Wreckers parting out cars, creating a listing for only $1.00 but selling thousands worth of parts off Trademe. Makes me wonder why I pay fess when such cheats are on display and Trademe does nothing with my countless reports. People ask in the Q&A for certain parts and are given prices, but no listings setup. Ad's usually mention their social media platforms or business hours or what have you, to avoid them listing and paying fees.