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    I didn’t find anything there that answered my question.

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    The link results in Page Not Found.

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    When listing a DVD, etc, you have to click the OK where it talks about it being illegal to list items that don’t have the NZ Classification sticker.   What if, as is quite common, the item came sealed in cellophane with the sticker stuck on that, which gets discarded, or might be on a slip case which also might get discarded?   If you know what the classification was, would it be acceptable to choose the classification from the drop-down list when making the listing?   I have a listing at the moment that is cellophane sealed with the sticker on the cellophane, but if I had actually opened i...

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    I had exactly the same experience recently, through my iPad app. Also had the countdown jumping around in another listing. Today, in the desktop site on my desktop PC, refresh at 1m, I had an auction closing, with an auto bid, winning, closing, but closing dragged on for about 7m after which I saw my auto bid had gone up to its maximum, though I had not bid any further, neither had anyone else. Fortunately it had only gone up by $1.