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    Unfortunately still having the same issue Charlie as we never run our listing levels below the threshold we never actually get the "free" listings. You are correct it is incredibly mispresented. It consistently leaves me disgruntled but unfortunately us smaller players have no voice to Trademe :(  

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    Thanks Gary, yes we run around 1500 listings and I have no issue with paying for the listings above our free threshold, the issue is that the listings under the threshold we never actually get for free if that makes sense as we expire / relist approximately 300 listings at a time meaning we are always revolving above the free limit. A difficult issue to articulate but hopefully that does make sense. Thanks I will look into the other discussions too for some tips

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    Because we never run our listings down to 0, we never get our free listing allowance (as listings always rollover above our free amount). We have an allowance currently of 795 listings, so we are paying $79 more than we should need to EVERY week because the system never recognises or allows for the free listings we should have. I hope that makes sense. Other than running our listing levels to 0 which would hurt the business, is there any other way around this? I definitely think Trademe needs to looks at a solution for this. Thanks