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    Hi, I was using Trademe App on the same Android phone fine up until few weeks ago. Suddenly, the app started freezing on the bird logo and would not proceed. Killing it, clearing cache etc. doesn't work. Sometimes, pretty randomly starts fine if I try again later. No other apps are misbehaving, so it's definitely NOT a phone issue. The only way to make it work 100% of time, is to uninstall, then reinstall. That first time after reinstall it starts fine, and if you exit and go in right away for few times, it will appear as working. Leave it for an hour (not exact time, but sure to fail after...

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    I don't seem to have an option to limit bidding to authenticated members only when using Trademe App. So I have to list the item ither on the notebook, or list it on the mobile and then immediately edit it from the notebook, which is really stupid. Why is this option blocked from the trademe app?