Shipping issues for buyers

Find out what to do if there are shipping issues with your purchase.

Find out what to do if there are shipping issues with your purchase.


Tracking info

Sellers can provide tracking details directly through Trade Me, or by contacting you. Your item should be sent within a week of payment (three days if paid via Ping).

  • If the seller has sent tracking details via Trade Me, this can be found in your Won items (desktop site only).
  • If they haven't supplied this via Trade Me, contact them and ask for the tracking details.


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Shipping delays

Before the item has been sent

  • Sellers should send items as soon as possible – within a week of payment (three days if paid by Ping).
  • If the seller hasn't sent your item within this timeframe, get in touch with them – they might need more information from you.


Delays with the courier

  • Couriers can sometimes experience delays due to staff illness, bad weather, and other situations out of their control.
  • If the courier has unsuccessfully tried to deliver the parcel, contact them to arrange re-delivery – or pick-up from a collection point.
  • If your parcel is delayed by more than a few days, contact the seller. They can chase this up with the courier directly.


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Still having problems after contacting the seller?
Check out our dispute resolution process.

Damaged items

  • Contact the seller to let them know what's happened.
  • In these situations, the seller will usually lodge a claim with the courier.
  • Sellers are responsible for making sure the item reaches the buyer – as described in the listing. 
  • If you're having trouble getting a damaged item refunded, replaced, or repaired, we can help.


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