GST receipts

Account charges 

GST receipts for account charges (like listing fees and promotional extras) can be found on your Account Statement, and are available on the first day of the following month. 

GST receipts for Jobs listings can be found as soon as the listing is live via the transactions tab in your Account Statement.

Local purchases

To get GST receipts for purchases, you'll need to contact the seller who can provide this if they're GST registered.

International purchases

As required by NZ law,  we'll be collecting NZ GST of 15% for all Trade Me purchases from any international seller to a New Zealand buyer.

To get a GST receipt: 

  1. Head to your 'Won' items, from My Trade Me.
  2. Select the listing
  3. Select 'Paid by Ping/Afterpay'.

You’ll also find a link to your GST receipt in your sale confirmation email.

Buyers are still responsible for any tariff duties, import entry transaction fees and biosecurity system entry levies that Customs charge.


We'll show you how to get GST receipts for local and international purposes, as well as account charges.

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