Buy Now

Sellers can offer a Buy Now price, either by itself, or alongside an auction.

If you're a seller and need help with your Buy Now – we can help.


If a Buy Now is selected, the auction will close once the purchase is confirmed.

Buy Now is available until the reserve is met – after that, buyers need to bid until the auction ends. The Buy Now must be at least $0.50. 

Buy Now only

If a seller chooses to only offer Buy Now, there won't be an auction.

Some listings may offer multiple quantities of the same item – the quantity can be chosen before selecting 'Buy Now':


If the seller only accepts instant payment via Ping and/or Afterpay, payment is required to confirm the purchase. If other payment options are available, payment can be arranged later with the seller, within a week.


Sellers can set a fixed price on an auction, called a Buy Now.

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