Policies for motor vehicle listings

Registered motor vehicle traders

If you sell six or more vehicles in a year, you’re likely to be required by law to register as a registered motor vehicle trader (RMVT). If so, you must register and state your RMVT number in your listings. You authorise us to search the Motor Vehicle Traders Register on your behalf to check your RMVT status.

Offshore vehicles

You may only sell a vehicle that is offshore if you are a registered vehicle trader. If you are a registered vehicle trader and you want to sell a vehicle that is offshore, you must hold clear authority to sell the vehicle and you must ensure it is in transit to New Zealand, before you are able to list it. You must also clearly indicate that such vehicles are offshore or in transit in the listing.

Customer Information Notice

If you're a motor vehicle trader selling a car online by auction, you must attach to the motor vehicle, a Consumer Information Notice (CIN), in a prominent position on your listing (e.g. through a clear photo) and provide the CIN to the successful buyer.

Security interests

Regardless of whether you’re a motor vehicle trader or not, if you’re selling a car on Trade Me, you are required to ensure that the buyer of the motor vehicle takes the motor vehicle free of any security interest, and you must disclose in the listing whether there is any security interest over the vehicle.


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