Policies for motor vehicle listings

To make sure buyers have a great experience when browsing and buying vehicles from you, we have some rules and guidelines for you to follow when listing on Trade Me Motors.

  • Image Guidelines:

    To help you showcase the vehicle you’re selling to all buyers viewing and searching on all of our platforms, we require that you follow our image guidelines: 
    • First photo: Your first photo must show the vehicle for sale. We recommend using a large, clear image of the vehicle. 
    • Images of other vehicles: It's important that buyers are not misled by listing images, so stock photos are not allowed except for new or demonstrator cars and only with the consent of the rights holder (usually the manufacturer). Similarly,  images of vehicles other than the vehicle for sale are not permitted.
  • Overlays, branding and messages:

    You must not use listing images (e.g. by overlaying the images with any text, images, watermarks, logos, photo borders or other enhancements) to promote additional information, offers or messages. For example, to advertise insurance or finance, to advertise your dealership or brand or to convey any other offer, promotion or branding.

    If you’re in-trade and you’re keen to advertise your dealership brand, you should get in touch with your account manager. If you’re looking to display and promote finance offers, our dealership finance product is exactly what you’re after.

    Please note that the purpose of our Showroom product is to help dealers advertise and promote their dealership brand. Just like listing images, this product cannot be used to promote additional information, offers or messages (see above for examples).

    Trade Me has approved the following logos that may be displayed on a listing image:

    • MTA Approved
    • AA Approved
    • AA Preferred Dealer
    • VINZ Approved
    • VTNZ Approved
    • In transit
    • Manufacture Certified
      • Honda Certified
      • Mercedes-Benz/AMG Certified
      • Audi Approved
      • Toyota Certified/Signature

        You may display one of these pre-approved logos provided you have the requisite approval from the logo owner (for example, if you wish to display a VTNZ Approved logo on your listing image, your vehicle must of course actually be VTNZ Approved) and provided you adhere to the following display guidelines:
      • the logo must be displayed on the bottom left hand corner of the listing image;
      • the logo cannot be more than 57px x 45px in size.

        You must use the approved logo files provided by Trade Me – to get these, get in touch

        These guidelines are also available to dealerbase users and will be shared with relevant VMS providers. 

      • Contact details: Listing images must not include any contact details, dealership addresses, website addresses or other contact details. This information is displayed elsewhere in the listing so there’s no need to include in your pictures. Text in images isn’t searchable after all, so you’re better off including this information where it belongs.  

      • Non-vehicle images: Subject to the requirement that your first photo is of the car (see above), you may include up to 2 non-vehicle images, either of your dealership brand, dealership yard or a report about the vehicle (such as a MotorWeb VIR, an AA report or a vehicle CIN). These non-vehicle images can’t be used to advertise or promote other offers (e.g. finance or insurance offers) and they can’t be the only 2 images, the first photo needs to be of the vehicle after all.

  • Use as intended, and keep it onsite:

    • Listings are not for general advertising: Listings must be used for the sale or promotion of an actual or specific vehicle that is for sale, and should not be used solely for the general advertising of your brand, business or dealership. You must not use a Trade Me Motors listing to promote a business or website. If you wish to use Trade Me purely for advertising, check out our advertising service.

    • Sale of a specific vehicle: Listings should be used to promote a specific vehicle and should not be used for multiple or generic vehicles. You may not use a listing to offer to sell additional vehicles outside of Trade Me, or list a per vehicle price. For example, if you have two of the same motorbike for sale that you wish to promote through Trade Me, you must create two separate listings.

    • One listing per vehicle: If you only have one item for sale, you should only create one listing – don’t create multiple listings for a single item.

    • URLs: You may not include any URLs or website links in your listing description. If you want to include a link to your website, ask your account manager about our sitelink product.

    • Re-lists: You can’t use the relist function to re-use listings for a different vehicle (for example by editing the listing content and photos). You also must not use the relist function to manipulate search results or artificially improve the search position of your listing.  There are also additional specific terms for relisting Motors listings, which vary depending on what kind of vehicle you’re selling, and what kind of listing you’ve chosen (e.g. classified or auction).  

    • Withdrawing auctions: Listing a vehicle by auction is a commitment to sell it through Trade Me – you may not withdraw a listing because it has not reached the price you wanted.

    • Keyword spamming: 'Keyword spamming' to manipulate search results is not allowed and we may remove listings that, in our opinion, attempt to do this.

  • In-trade sellers 

    • Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 : The Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) sets out quality guarantees that any business or person in-trade must provide to their customers. If you’re in-trade and you’re selling to a consumer (someone who is not in-trade) then you cannot contract out of these guarantees.

      It is extremely important that your listing description does not try to, or look like its trying to, contract out of the CGA where the buyer is a consumer. Therefore, broad statements that imply the buyer will not have the benefit of protection under the CGA, such as claims that a vehicle is being sold ‘as-is, where-is’, are not allowed and we will remove any listings that breach this requirement.

      If you’re selling to another business or person in-trade, you can contract out of the CGA guarantees, but only if (among other things) both parties agree and the agreement is in writing.

      We know that there are lots of people in-trade who use Trade Me Motors to find and buy vehicles for business use. We understand that if one of those in-trade persons buys your vehicle, you may want to contract out of the CGA and that you therefore want to make it clear in the listing description that that’s your intention. If that’s the case, you must make it clear that your intention is only to contract out of the CGA if the buyer is a business or is in-trade and that any claims purporting to contract out of the CGA do not and will not apply to consumers. 

      If we do not think your listing description is sufficiently clear that any terms intended to contract out of the CGA apply to in-trade and business buyers only, we may amend, deprioritise or remove your listing. 

    • Registered motor vehicle traders: If you sell six or more vehicles in a year, you’re likely to be required by law to register as a registered motor vehicle trader (RMVT). If so, you must register and state your RMVT number in your listings. You authorise us to search the Motor Vehicle Traders Register on your behalf to check your RMVT status.

    • Offshore vehicles: You may only sell a vehicle that is offshore if you are a registered vehicle trader. If you are a registered vehicle trader and you want to sell a vehicle that is offshore, you must hold clear authority to sell the vehicle and you must ensure it is in transit to New Zealand, before you are able to list it. You must also clearly indicate that such vehicles are offshore or in transit in the listing.

    • Consumer Information Notice: If you're a motor vehicle trader selling a car online by auction, you must attach to the motor vehicle, a Consumer Information Notice (CIN), in a prominent position on your listing (e.g. through a clear photo) and provide the CIN to the successful buyer.

  • Security interests

    • Regardless of whether you’re a motor vehicle trader or not, if you’re selling a car on Trade Me, you are required to ensure that the buyer of the motor vehicle takes the motor vehicle free of any security interest, and you must disclose in the listing whether there is any security interest over the vehicle.

  • Prices and fees:

    • All prices must be in New Zealand dollars and include all applicable GST (if any) unless you are a Dealer listing via Dealerbase, whereby you may list an item showing a GST exclusive price for your Listing.
    • Listings fees and success fees (if any) are to be paid by the seller. You may not add these fees or other fees onto the winning bid amount.

These policies are in addition to our general
Listing Policies and terms that apply across all of Trade Me. 

If you breach these policies (or any of our other terms or policies), we may take action and you will need to accept how we proceed. We may, for example, remove or edit your listing, adjust your listing in search results (even where you have paid for a feature / premium product), remove your listing from the homepage of our site or suspend or terminate your access to Dealerbase and / or Trade Me. 


Our policy for motor vehicle listings on Trade Me.

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