Animal listing policy

Our policies for selling and adopting animals on Trade Me.

How to go about listing animals on Trade Me


Animals for sale

Household pets

Cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, and guinea pigs

  • Must be listed in dedicated 'Pets & animals' categories.
  • Can only be classified listings (with an asking price).
  • Up to one litter per listing.
  • After the original pet/litter has been sold, listings can't be edited to sell a different animal/litter.
  • Withdraw your listing once all pets are sold, on hold (deposit paid), or no longer available.


Fish, reptiles, turtles & rodents


Restrictions apply

  • Some dog breeds can't be sold on Trade Me.
  • Cat & dog listings are limited to eight animals per litter, and one litter per listing.
  • In a 12-month period, sellers can list a maximum of:
    • Dogs: five litters, or 40 dogs (whichever comes first).
    • Cats: six litters, or 40 cats (whichever comes first).
  • Puppies, kittens, and rabbit kittens must be at least eight weeks old before being rehomed. 


Livestock, horses & ponies

  • Can be an auction (livestock only) or classified listing.
  • Multiple animals may be listed together if they're the same breed and similar age.
  • Different breeds/ages must be listed separately – unless they're companion animals being rehomed together.
  • Multiple livestock listed together may be offered with a price per head – if they meet the criteria above.


Learn more about trading animals on Trade Me.

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Learn about listing fees for animals

Animals for adoption

Cats & dogs

  • Free to list.
  • Must be rehomed for free (except approved organisations).
  • Organisations approved by Trade Me may charge an adoption fee to recover costs.
  • Withdraw your listing once the animal has been rehomed.


To list a cat or dog for adoption:

  1. SelectStart a listingfrom the Trade Me home page.
  2. Select General item, then select Choose category.
  3. Select Pets & animalsCats or DogsCats to adopt or Dogs to adopt.
  4. Continue and fill in the details to start your listing.

To list a cat or dog for adoption, visit in your browser.

To list a cat or dog for adoption, visit in your browser.

Other animals for adoption

  • Only cats and dogs have dedicated 'to adopt' categories.
  • Other animals for adoption can be listed as normal.

docs-page-1-24.svg Apply to become an approved organisation

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Code of Animal Welfare

Screenshot of the 'Animal Welfare code' checkbox, as seen during the listing process. The confirmation statement reads: 'I confirm I have read the full Animal Welfare Code and the animal I am listing meets the Code's requirements'.

  • Sellers can disclose whether their cat or dog meets our Code of Animal Welfare.
  • By ticking the box, the seller confirms they're complying with the Code.
  • If the animal doesn't meet one or more of the Code's requirements, don't tick the box. You can disclose why in the listing description.

View the full Code of Animal Welfare

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