Making a privacy request

Check out our privacy policy, and our four guiding privacy principles.

Check out our privacy policy, and our four guiding privacy principles

Your rights

  • As a member, you have a right to access the personal information we hold about you.
  • Your right to access this information comes from Information Privacy Principle 6 of the Privacy Act 2020.
  • You also have a right to seek correction of any information we hold that is out of date or incorrect

Accessing your information

Examples of info we might hold:

  • your username
  • your recorded name as the account holder and any edits
  • your recorded phone number(s) and any edits to this
  • your recorded address and any edits to this
  • the date of your last login
  • the date your membership was created
  • your recorded delivery addresses and any edits to this
  • recorded credits and debits to your membership
  • your account balance
  • an overview of listings that you have run, including: listing ID, title, reserve price, Buy Now price, purchase price, date of purchase, and buyer username
  • an overview of listings won, including: listing ID, title, reserve price, Buy Now price, purchase price, date of purchase, and seller username
  • the date of your account logins to our desktop site
  • recorded classified emails to other members regarding your membership.


Note: the list above outlines the most commonly requested and readily accessible member information we hold, but is not exhaustive. Members may request other information which may include their personal information.

In some cases we may redact or withhold information to ensure what's released doesn't compromise an ongoing investigation by a government agency, create a security risk, or prejudice Trade Me's commercial position.

Sometimes we'll also need to charge for the supply of information. For example, if the request is very broad and the information requested is likely to take significant time and resources to find and prepare. In these situations, we'll get in touch to discuss your request and give you an estimate of the cost before doing anything.

Requesting your info

If you wish to access your information, feel free to get in touch with us.

Request access to your information

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What happens when my membership is closed?

  • You can't log in or use Trade Me anymore.
  • Your feedback is generally removed from the site after 45 days (unless the member has requested the account closed).
  • Your member profile also becomes invisible to other members.


Can my data be deleted?

By default, we keep a record of your membership at our end.

We need to hold certain info for legal reasons…

  • Tax Administration Act – requires us to retain financial info.
  • Secondhand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Act – requires us to retain details of anyone offering secondhand items for sale.
  • Our agreements with members who have registered, and accepted our terms and conditions.


…and for security reasons.

Holding onto account info helps us identify if a naughty person, who's done bad stuff on our site in the past and been removed for it, is trying to register a new account.

It's important to us and our members that Trade Me is a safe and trusted place to trade.

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Deletion of Information 

We may consider deleting personal information.

There are some instances where we'll consider deleting personal information.

These are looked at on a case-by-case basis, taking into account any security considerations and our legal obligations to retain certain information.

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