Intellectual property rights

Let us know if you think you've come across counterfeit goods – along with how you know they're not the real deal. Check out our policy for more info.

We want to make sure our site is free from counterfeit goods and items that infringe others' IP rights – to keep Trade Me a trusted place for Kiwi to buy and sell.

What's intellectual property?
Intellectual property (IP) can be an idea or creation that a person or business has made. This can include inventions, artistic works, designs, symbols, names, and images.
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Quick guide for sellers

Don't sell counterfeit items on Trade Me

Even if you say it's fake, replica, or counterfeit – no exceptions. Items similar in design to branded products shouldn't be listed either. Learn more.

Use your own photos and description

Listing photos and descriptions shouldn't be copied from another website, or another member's listing. Learn more.

Rights holders can bring listings to our attention

We'll consider whether design or functional elements look like they're copied from another product.

Make sure your product sources are reputable

If you're a reseller, ask for a certificate of authenticity or other documentation from your supplier – to ensure you're on-selling genuine items.

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Info for rights holders

We have a process in place for IP owners and work with hundreds of brands and rights holders.

If you're an IP rights holder and need to inform us about a breach of your IP rights – get in touch with us.

What we need from you

We need proof of the IPR you hold (e.g. IPONZ registration, registered patents, etc). Providing proof helps prevent back-and-forth claims between competitors.

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What does Trade Me do?

  • We protect buyers – by helping sellers understand what is and isn't OK to sell. 
  • We work directly with hundreds of brands and rights holders.
  • Our Trust and Safety team reviews complaints – either directly from rights holders, or Community Watch
  • If there's a reported breach – backed by evidence, the listing will be edited or removed.
  • We'll educate the seller. If they keep breaching IP after that – we'll remove them from the site.


We don't enforce distribution agreements.

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