Advertising and remarketing on Trade Me

Your privacy options

We care about your privacy and are committed to being transparent with how information about you is used and shared.

Our privacy policy allows us to use and disclose your personal information:

  • to show you more relevant third-party advertising
  • to advertise our services to you off-site
  • to trusted third parties using Trade Me tailored products
  • to entities fully or partly owned by Trade Me that provide Trade Me affiliated services.

Any use and disclosure of your personal information will be in accordance with our privacy policy or any customisable settings you've chosen in any of our services.

Changing your privacy options

You can opt out of some uses and disclosures of your personal information from our 'Privacy options' page. To access the privacy options page you must be logged in to your Trade Me account. Changes to your privacy options may take up to 24 hours to take effect.

Customised advertising

Better ads are more interesting to you, and better for us too. We want to display smarter advertising that is customised for you and hopefully less annoying. Advertisers would also rather show you ads that you're interested in.

In the past, Trade Me showed all members the same ads. We then started showing different ads in different regions. Now, we're able to use what we know about you to show you ads that are more specific to you, and avoid showing you ads that aren't relevant to you. This is customised advertising. We began to explore customised advertising in September 2015, and have since refined and increased our use of customised advertising platforms.

If you're opted in, you'll be able to see more relevant ads as you browse the internet, use Trade Me, access certain Google products like YouTube, or use Facebook. We use the Salesforce data management platform (DMP), Google's DoubleClick platform, Google Customer Match and Facebook Custom Audience, to help us choose and display relevant ads to you. We share information about you with these platforms and related partners, but it is anonymised so they can't tell who you are. For example, we do not share personal information such as your name, phone number or address.

If you opt out under our privacy option, you will still see ads, but those ads won't be customised to you by us. Allowing us to use your information for advertising means the ads you see should be more relevant to you.

Trade Me tailored products

Some of our services provide tailored personal information to the users of those services. For example, if you have an active Trade Me Job Profile, subject to your profile settings, we may share your Trade Me Job Profile with recruiters and job advertisers that use our candidate database service. We call these types of services 'tailored products'.

When developing any tailored product, Trade Me will ensure that:

  • personal information is processed fairly
  • the recipients of any personal information are contractually restricted with their use of your information.

Trade Me currently provides the following Trade Me tailored products:

Trade Me tailored products
Job candidate database service Users of our candidate database service (e.g. job recruiters) can, subject to a candidate's Trade Me Job Profile settings, see active Trade Me Job Profiles and can use those profiles to contact you about a particular role.

Trade Me affiliated services

A Trade Me affiliated service is a product or service provided by an entity Trade Me partly or fully owns. They are covered by our privacy policy, unless they have their own privacy policy. We may share your personal information with a Trade Me affiliated service, unless you have opted out.

Trade Me affiliated service Privacy policy Personal information shared
Services by Harmoney Limited View None
Services by Motorweb Australia Pty Limited View None

Services by Sharesies Limited

View Yes, as per Trade Me's privacy policy, including clause 4.6
Services by other companies that Trade Me owns, which don't provide retail services. Incl. Old Friends Limited, Trade Me Australia Pty Limited, Trade Me Comparisons Limited, Vehicle ID Australia Pty Limited and Kevin's Australian Investments Pty Limited No published policies, as entities don't provide retail services. None

Services by Adtorque Edge (NZ) Limited

View Yes, as per Trade Me's privacy policy, including clause 4.6

We'll update this list whenever we get a new affiliated service or change how information is shared. Trade Me affiliated services doesn't include Trade Me services, which are listed below:

Trade Me service Privacy policy Personal information shared
Paystation, provided by Paystation Limited View Yes, as per Trade Me's privacy policy, including clause 8.8.
Services provided by Trade Me Limited, including: Trade Me Marketplace, Trade Me Jobs, Trade Me Property, Trade Me Motors, Trade Me Insurance, Holiday Houses, FindSomeone, MotorWeb (NZ), Tenancy Tracker, Viewing Tracker, OneHub, Property Insights by Trade Me, DealerBase, Tradevine, and Ping View Yes, as per Trade Me's privacy policy


What happens when you're opted in?

When opted in, Trade Me can use and disclose your information:

  • to show you more relevant third-party advertising
  • to advertise our services to you off-site
  • to trusted third parties using Trade Me tailored products
  • to entities fully or partly owned by Trade Me that provide Trade Me affiliated services.

What happens when you're opted out?

Some of the functionality of Trade Me services and Trade Me affiliated services may be reduced.

  • The third-party advertising you see may be less relevant to you.
  • We will not create an account for you in any Trade Me affiliated service, or use or disclose information that could identify you to any such service without your consent.

If you’ve got a Trade Me Jobs Profile and you opt out of allowing your personal information to be used or disclosed for a tailored product via our
'Privacy options' page, you’ll still need to change your Job Profile settings if you want to restrict the information that’s available to job recruiters via our candidate database service. You can change what’s visible by adjusting between full, limited and hidden.

Updating your privacy options?

To update your privacy options please visit our 'Privacy options' page.

Remarketing on Trade Me

Trade Me has used remarketing to serve you with relevant ads after you leave our website for a few years now. This means that when you do things like create listings, add things to your Watchlist or search for items, we place a cookie or pixel on your browser or device, which allows us to show you ads which we think are relevant to your actions once you’ve left Trade Me.

To carry out remarketing, we supply cookie or pixel data to remarketing providers. Remarketing is a common practice these days, and there are a few different providers in the game. Here’s an up-to-date list of who we work with:

  • Google Display Network
  • Google DoubleClick Bid Manager
  • Facebook

If this isn’t your cup of tea, you can opt out of the DoubleClick cookie and double-check your Facebook Adverts settings.

We've got all the info on advertsing and remarketing on Trade Me, and what your options are.

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