Proof of goods

To keep Trade Me a safe place to buy, one of our key requirements when selling on Trade Me is that the seller must have the goods in their possession before listing them on the site.

If you’ve been asked to provide ‘proof of goods’, it means we just want to confirm that you have your listed item in your possession.

Follow the instructions in the email we send:

  1. Grab a physical publication from the last two weeks – e.g a local newspaper, receipt from the dairy down the road, some junk mail, or a utilities bill. It must have the date visible on it, and needs to be dated in the last week or so. Note: it cannot be an online document.

  2. Take a photo of your goods and the publication, in the same shot.

  3. Email the photograph to us. 

While we’re waiting to hear from you:

  • you won’t be able to edit the listing
  • use the Q&A feature facility. 
  • the listing also can't close with a successful bidder
  • and buyers can’t use the buy now. 

This all happens in the background of your auction and other members aren’t notified of the ‘proof of goods’ request. Once we receive your proof of goods, these restrictions will be removed once the details are reviewed.

In certain circumstances, you may also be asked to supply proof of your personal identification. This is an additional security check.


The ins and out of how to provide us with proof of goods, and what this process looks like.

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